Security depends very much on your actions as an end user. The more secure you are personally, the more secure you organization can be.

Let’s start with a simple things you can do right now to make yourself more secure.This week we’ll focus on passwords and authentication.

Use a password manager AND a different password for EVERY account

Data breaches happen. But it’s easy to mitigate the damage if you use completely different passwords for EVERY login. Managing this is easy with apps like Lastpass and 1Password (there are many others). You remember one login, and the app helps you generate secure passwords you don’t even have to know for every service.

Surely you can see how “!D4sL@nN1pJRbG” is a better password than your kids birthday right?

Turn on 2 factor everywhere it’s available

Most major services, from Facebook to Flickr offer a free way to get a text or use an authentication app like Lastpass authenticator to give you a second layer of password protection. This isn’t perfect, especially if you use text messages for this, but it’s better than your password alone. Check with your help section in the app on how to enable this and do it for EVERYTHING.

These two simple things can help make you dramatically more secure in your day to day internet interactions. Need a solution for enterprise password management or authentication? Let us know.