A few weeks ago I was sitting on a commercial airline flight minding my own business. When we landed, there was the usual mad rush to turn on cell phones and check whatever people check on their phones. Seated directly in front of me was a woman who held her phone up about eye level and typed her VPN password (to a major bank) in plain view for at least 3 rows behind her.

Let’s talk about being secure in public, shall we?

You can talk to your IT department on what to use or use a VPN service like VyprVPN to help keep your network connection secure while out of the office. The VPN on her phone was a great idea, but she missed the mark on the rest of her security posture.

We often overlook physical security when out and about. All of the network security in the world won’t matter if someone can look over your shoulder and watch your screen.

There are terrific screen covers that limit the viewing angle of your screen for your laptop. The best ones are even easily removable and tucked into your bag for the times when it’s not needed.

These are available for your phone as well, but on your phone, it could be as simple as paying attention to who might be able to see what you’re typing. Especially when you need to authenticate something important.

Remember, security is both process and posture. Don’t build up a huge wall and moat around your castle and then leave the side door unlocked.