The make-up of a great security posture comes from having your “ducks in a row”… meaning you have the three Threat Management Vectors working effectively. These Threat Management Vectors are Detection, Prevention, and Response.

Yup, that’s right, all that jargon and spin to sell security products muddies the waters of what you should be doing to manage threats. These security products don’t take away any responsibility from your company, and these products are not sufficient without proper configuration. Even the best product can do very little without on-going tailoring to your business. Care and feeding of these security products by trained people will keep your CIO/ CSO out of negligent waters (jail) and your corporate brand safe and secure (without fines)

ADi helps hundreds of customers every year get security products off the ground while training the company’s engineers on how to use these products effectively and ensure these products are tuned well for Detection, Prevention, and Response.

However, ADi does regular health-checks and frequent security reviews. You might be asking, “If you are so good at training the company’s Engineers how to care for the security products, why would you need a heath-check or a security review?”

The answer to this question is at the heart of IT operations,… The HELPDESK or helpless desk as I often hear it referred. Most of us IT’ers have done our time at the helpdesk, and maybe some of you are there right now (don’t worry it’s not forever!).  Don’t get me wrong, in some companies you have a few rising rockstars but they quickly jump the ranks or go work somewhere else for more money (truth) The helpdesk usually ends up as an operational ticket “triage” that merely forwards the tickets to the right Engineers to solve the problem.

“Eventually the hole is so deep you are just shoveling dirt in your own face.”

As the Engineers become bogged down solving help desk requests or adjusting security policies to accommodate the office Halloween party, an endless cycle starts. The Engineer becomes consumed by helpdesk tasks while security tuning and threat hunting and response go by the wayside to accommodate business workflow tasks. This causes more helpdesk tickets. Before you know it, your environment needs a little housekeeping!

For security’s sake, get yourself a housekeeper! That is a reliable partner/ reseller, who is going to add value to your team and not just sell you stuff.

Keep your ducks in a row!