How do you know if your data security approach is putting you at Risk?

How do you know if your data security approach is putting you at Risk?

Do your normal and suspicious employees look the same? You CAN’T stop all vulnerabilities and attacks, what CAN you do?

Is your DLP working as you envisioned it?

What does a successful DLP strategy look like?

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Date: Tuesday, July 16, 2019
Time: 10:00AM PST | 1:00PM EST
Presenting: Assurance Data | Forcepoint

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Chuck (Charles) Sirois, CSSO Assurance Data
Chuck Leads the Cyber Warfare Research Team, ADi Risk Mitigation Program, and the ADi Virtual CSO Program. These programs consist of many valuable no-cost services to ensure security ROI for ADi customers and partners.

Angelica Torres-Corral, Sr Product Marketing Manager, DLP
Angelica has spent over a decade in marketing and sales roles focusing on physical and cyber security. An alum of University of Chicago and CSU Fresno (MBA), her experience includes product marketing, solutions selling and corporate branding. She’s an avid runner, an adventurous eater and loves to travel.

The Bruce Schneier Cryptogram March 2019

The Bruce Schneier Cryptogram March 2019

Every time I think about doing a monthly roundup of security issues I’m reminded of how good Bruce’s is. In this issue:

  1. Cataloging IoT Vulnerabilities
  2. I Am Not Associated with Swift Recovery Ltd.
  3. Estonia’s Volunteer Cyber Militia
  4. Details on Recent DNS Hijacking
  5. Reverse Location Search Warrants
  6. Gen. Nakasone on US Cyber Command
  7. On the Security of Password Managers
  8. Attacking Soldiers on Social Media
  9. “Insider Threat” Detection Software
  10. Can Everybody Read the US Terrorist Watch List?
  11. Data Leakage from Encrypted Databases
  12. The Latest in Creepy Spyware
  13. Cybersecurity for the Public Interest
  14. Digital Signatures in PDFs Are Broken
  15. Letterlocking
  16. Detecting Shoplifting Behavior
  17. Cybersecurity Insurance Not Paying for NotPetya Losses
  18. Videos and Links from the Public-Interest Technology Track at the RSA Conference
  19. Russia Is Testing Online Voting
  20. On Surveillance in the Workplace
  21. Judging Facebook’s Privacy Shift
  22. DARPA Is Developing an Open-Source Voting System
  23. Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Here’s this month’s web version of it. Good Hunting.