How to be a guest on our online programming

How to be a guest on our online programming

The Goal:

Tell good stories that you’d want to listen to.


  1. You do not need a professional audio/video setup  (of course if you do, congratulations – it should work even better). But if you don’t, you’ll need:
  2. USB headset:  Something like a Plantronics .audio 655 USB Headset. They run about US$30. You can use a bluetooth system, but wired is more reliable. Something like the Sennheiser PC 7 also works well. Have a teenager with a gaming headset? They work GREAT!
  3. Please do not use the built-in laptop microphone if at all possible. This is only for use if we have exhausted all other options. This will prevent echo coming back into the studio mix.
  4. Borrow a headset if you have to, it really makes a difference.  Put yourself in the audience’s shoes. Clarity will help them pay attention to what you say. And we want them to pay attention to you.
  5. Test your setup. Do a call/meeting with a friend or even us. You'll be glad to know everything is working ahead of time so you can concentrate on having fun.

Guest rules:

  1. Have fun! This is conversational and humor is welcome.
  2. Stay focused, stay engaged… no multitasking
  3. Sound is important. Control background noise, fans, crowds, driving, typing… please be in a quiet place.
  4. Try to speak clearly and at an easy pace.


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