Upcoming Webinar: Learn How To Protect Your Data Against Your Employees’ Risky Behavior
April 25, 2019 | 2:00 – 3:00 PM | Register Today

Workforce protection is focused on managing the risk posed by insiders of the organization. These threats have traditionally been managed through the strategy of putting basic safeguards in place and, by and large, assuming that employees were always trustworthy and never engaged in risky behavior. However, it’s not enough to simply know that certain behaviors are occurring. You also need to understand the context and intent of user behavior–hence, the importance of establishing an early warning system, and proactively searching for abnormal behavior across a range of risk indicators that might point to a potential breach in the near future.
Join Forcepoint and Assurance Data for a webinar as we discuss:

  • the traits of the risky users – whether their behavior is accidental or malicious, or they have been compromised by external attackers.
  • how to protect your critical data and IP from all insider threats.
  • how to defend your critical data and client IP while avoiding heavy fines and loss of revenue and reputation.

Threats from within require a holistic and sophisticated strategy. Join us on April 25 to learn how to manage risk and inspire change to protect your data and workforce

US Courts

ADi and Exabeam
April 30
Social Media – Stop by and Visit Exabeam and ADI at the US Courts CSA IT Conference

Exhibit Demonstration Dates: April 30 – May 1, 2019
Conference Dates: April 29 – May 3, 2019
Government Sponsor: U.S. Courts Defender Services Office

About the U.S. Courts CSA IT Conference:
Federal Training Partnership in association with the U.S. Courts Defender Services Office is proud to announce the 2019
U.S. Courts CSA (Computer System Administrator) IT Conference. This exciting exhibit opportunity will be limited to 30
top technology companies. This conference, taking place in New Orleans will allow industry exhibitors to interact with
hundreds of U.S. Courts personnel and have access with key members of the IT community. The event will consist of an
industry solutions showcase along with technical presentations to the U.S. Courts personnel.
The purpose of this event is to provide training to U.S. Courts Computer System Administrators (CSA’s) working in
federal defender offices nation-wide. Most of the training provided is designed specifically for the federal defender IT
staff and is not available elsewhere. The conference will provide national training on system administration, litigation
support, and emerging courtroom and office technology.

DOE CyberCon
May 13-16
Hyatt Regency Denver @ Colorado Convention Center – Denver, CO
Booth #118
Forcepoint | Assurance Data

The Department of Energy’s (DOE) Cyber Conference hosted by the Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) is designed to bring together the DOE enterprise, the federal interagency, academia, international partners, and private industry to advance cyber and IT modernization efforts across DOE’s diverse and shared missions.
The Conference is an interactive forum for communication, collaboration, and training, as well as a platform for sharing information and best practices to support the Department’s energy, science, nuclear, and national security missions.  The Conference plays a critical role in implementing the Department’s cyber efforts.  It brings together DOE leadership and DOE enterprise stakeholders spanning across a geographically dispersed Department. DOE enterprise includes program offices, power marketing administrations, plants, site offices and national laboratories of approximately 110,000 people and 85 facilities spread across 27 states.
The Conference enables DOE leadership to deliver their message in-person, in an interactive forum that provides the opportunity for communication and collaboration. The goals are to convene the brightest minds from across the extended DOE Enterprise to interact with key speakers and presenters from federal interagency, academia, private sector, and international arena that are dynamic thought leaders in cyber. The OCIO seeks to establish an inclusive, transparent, and collaborative environment that will engender information sharing and information safeguarding best practices, prompt dialog that will further the Department’s cyber mission, and foster partnerships.
The Conference enhances the Department’s cyber efforts by integrating cybersecurity coordination, harnessing the depth of technical expertise across DOE, removing redundancy, and leveraging cyber resources enterprise-wide.

NLIT Summit 2019
May 28-31, 2019
Boise Centre – Boise ID
Booth 318

The NLIT Summit is sponsored by the NLIT Society, a professional society founded to facilitate the exchange of best practices and ideas between IT professionals within the DOE complex, strengthen the IT infrastructure, and reduce costs within the DOE laboratory system. The Summit facilitates sharing information regarding all aspects of IT operations, technology, policies, and practices in support of research conducted at the Laboratories. It is open to all personnel in the IT field working at Laboratories and Plants affiliated with government-funded activities, as well as Federal government employees in the IT field that work at agencies associated with the participating Laboratories.

The Summit consists of presentations, Community of Interest Network (COIN) collaboration sessions, panel discussions, tutorials, and technology demonstrations on a variety of topics of current interest to the IT community within DOE. There is an emphasis on providing opportunities for active participation and networking between attendees. Best practices, strategies, methodologies, implementations, lessons learned, innovative solutions, and emerging topics within the DOE community are shared during the Summit’s many sessions and events.