We have years and years of success stories. Our proven experience can be part of your security plan.

Implement Security Solutions to Fill Gaps: We have a  very large customer with a full security staff of 17, 20M+ in security  tools. ADi Security Engineering team immediately discovered attackers  had been running in the environment for an extended period of time  despite the large security team and complete security toolsets. The ADi  team configured a suggested technology to quickly uncover the breach.  The attackers were diligent enough to figure out the gaps in tools at  play and work around them. ADi found this threat in about a half hour of  analysis, uncovering the largest security breach of protected  information in history. The right tool with the right engineering team  and a little time.

Supplement Security Staff: ADi worked as part of the  team of a very well equipped company with 24M in Security tools. During  the regular meetings ADi uncovered a worldwide fake/ lookalike domains  phishing platform that blanketed 90 different state agencies worldwide.  Having a security team that sees threats to multiple industries like ADi  was extremely valuable and this threat could not be discovered without  the ADi expertise on their team.

Perform Staff Training: At the largest  rehabilitation center servicing most correctional facilities across the  US had a very large Data Loss Prevention (DLP) implementation. This DLP  solution was an industry leading tool sitting ineffective for over a  year when setup by and ADi competitor. ADi was called in to help; ADi  properly configured and tuned the DLP solution while training the staff.  The Solution and the staff have been given the tools for success and  are now effectively protecting their data on their own.

Solutions Tuning: ADi has helped hundreds of  Hospitals and Healthcare facilities with a particularly difficult  challenge; HIPAA data protection. Teaching these firms and working with  them to tune their solutions and effectively protect health related  information as it flows through complex health networks. ADi brings deep  expertise to tune key security solutions.

ADi has helped hundreds of Financial companies deal with protecting  financial and personal information. Many, through complex business  process that often reach into external organizations. Just another day  in the office for ADi.


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