Staying secure when working from home

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Staying secure when working from home

So you find yourself working from home huh? Here are the first steps to being more secure while working from home.

  1. Review your company security policies. Then talk with your security team. Despite what you may have heard, security folks want to hear from you. I promise they will be thrilled you took the initiative and want to do the right thing. You’re making their job MUCH easier by learning this stuff.
  2. Use your work computer only for work. Keep all of your personal stuff personal. Laptops are cheap. Security problems at work are not.
  3. What’s your backup situation? If your company does not do this for you, the simplest backup solution is to get yourself an external hard drive (Again, check your company policy to make sure this is allowed. If it’s not, ask them for a recommended solution). Both Mac OS and Windows have built in backup software that’s good enough to get you started. There are also off site solutions like Backblaze.
  4. Do you have security software? At the very least, Windows users should enable the built in Windows Defender. It’s not perfect, but it’s actually pretty good and WAY better than nothing. Consider a high end endpoint solution like SentinelOne if you really want to be prepared.
  5. Educate yourself on things like Phishing attacks. You can build the best castle in the world and if you walk over and open the back door to let bad people in then it’s just a useless pile of rocks you stacked up. Start with this simple YouTube video. Trust me, your security folks will LOVE it if you educate yourself. Not sure about something? Ask them!

In part two we’ll talk about what to do after you’ve implemented these first steps.


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