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Use Deception to Automate Response

What technology are many firms now starting to use to fill the Risk Response Gap? What is the importance of responding to recon and unwanted activity? You can’t respond to what you can’t detect. And sometimes even responding to what you DO discover is an issue. The Risk Response

The Bruce Schnier Cryptogram Sept 2018

Every time I think about doing a monthly roundup of security issues I’m reminded of how good Bruce’s is. In this issue: New Book Announcement: Click Here to Kill Everybody Speculation Attack Against Intel’s SGX New Ways to Track Internet Browsing James Mickens on the Current State of Computer Security

Death of a thousand cuts for your security posture

The make-up of a great security posture comes from having your “ducks in a row”… meaning you have the three Threat Management Vectors working effectively. These Threat Management Vectors are Detection, Prevention, and Response. Yup, that’s right, all that jargon and spin to sell security products muddies the waters