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We have years and years of success stories. At ADi, finding and remediating breaches is just a regular day at the office.

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The Bruce Schnier Cryptogram

Every time I think about doing a monthly roundoup of security issues I’m reminded of how good Bruce’s is. Here’s this month’s web version of it. Good Hunting.  

2 factor and phishing

Usernames and passwords. They’ve been around a long time. They work, sorta. They work better with a password manager that helps you make strong passwords unique to each of your logins. But usernames and passwords have many problems. You could easily watch someone type their password in a coffee

What are red and blue teams anyway?

Inside baseball (metaphor) : It usually refers to a detail-oriented approach to the minutiae of a subject, which in turn requires such a specific knowledge about what is being discussed that the nuances are not understood or appreciated by outsiders. Security professionals are a detail-oriented bunch. It goes with